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Preventive Maintenance in Palm Oil Mill Module

Preventive Maintenance in Palm Oil Mill

Palm oil mill is one of complex plant which consist a lot of machinery and equipment to be maintained in good working condition. To ensure continous operation and achieving desire throughput proper Preventive Maintenance System is needed in Palm Oil Mill. 
This preventive maintenance manual is a “must have” for all maintenance professionals. It is a unique resource for improving maintenance management processes and learning smart preventive maintenance (PM), condition monitoring, inspection and troubleshooting techniques on a wide variety of components including pumps, motors, gears, bearings, chain, pipes and valves, couplings, seals, fans, lubrications, lifting equipment, hydraulics, pneumatics, compressors, steam, electrical systems, etc. The condition monitoring and PM techniques are presented in the book together with inspection tools and examples of how to inspect and prevent failures for a number of standard components. The maintenance manual carefully explains how to set up and improve a preventive maintenance program in palm oil mill . The reliability manual teaches the reader how to organize condition monitoring, lubrication, alignment, cleaning, and other preventive maintenance systems into one orchestrated process.

In the Preventive Maintenance Palm Oil Mill Module we will provide you the way of effective maintenance system in Palm Oil Mill. This Module consist of :

• The systematic approach of Preventive Maintenance in POM
• Provide you the systematic work order system.
• Provide you the forms and maintenance checklist for each station.
• Systematic Historical and Failure analysis.
• Maintenance system for each plant section and general machinery including electrical system.
• Recording system of Palm oil Mill Maintenance.
• Systematic and simple system to manage your palm oil mill.

Preventive Maintenance Checklist

We also provide complete maintenance checklist complete with form and diagram , details of part to be check and inspect during the maintenance.

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Who should use this module ?

1. Palm Oil Mill Manager
2. Engineer
3. Consultant Engineer
4. Technician/Foreman in Palm Oil Mill
5. Palm Oil Mill Administrator
6. Lecturer / Student

Preventive Maintenance in Palm Oil Mill
Chapter 1 – Introduction to Preventive Maintenance in Palm Oil Mill (POM)
Chapter 2 – Preventive Maintenance System in POM
Chapter 3 – Schedule VS Checklist
Chapter 4 – Maintenance Priority in POM
Chapter 5 – Build Historical Data and Failure Analysis
Chapter 6- Maintenance Discipline

Chapter 7 - Basic Equipment Maintenance 
Chapter 8 - Maintenance for Unit Operation

  •  FFB Grading Station 
  •  Loading Ramp
  • Steriliser 
  • Threshing 
  • Press & Digester 
  • Oil Room 
  • Kernel separation 
  • Steam Boiler 
  • Power Plant 
  • Effluent Treatment 
  1. Preventive Maintenance Table Schedule
  2. Lubrication Schedule 
  3. Equipment Maintenance Checklist
  4. Machine Data form
  5. Work Order System 
  6. Work order form 
  7. Machine Breakdown analysis 

For Module (Book) - RM 350.00 / USD 150.00
* For CD ( E-Book pdf Format) - RM 450.00 / USD 250.00
*( with this format you can copy , paste and printout the information inside)

Delivery with 2-3 working days

How to order ?

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How to make a payment ?

1. We accept payment using credit card via paypal please fillup the following form and we will contact you on the payment method using paypal.

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 Palm Oil Mill Preventive Maintenance - RM 350 / USD 200.00 
 Palm Oil Mill Preventive maintenance Schdule & Checklist - RM 350/USD 200.00 
 Palm Oil Mill Offline & Condition Monitoring Checklist - RM 350/ USD 200.00 

Module Name ( Please Refer Above ) Please write down here and any inquiry

Testimonial :

Mr.Lor Kar Nam - Sarawak - Malaysia

" This Module provide me complete system for Palm Oil Mill Maintenance, the checklist and analysis for breakdown machine is very useful "

Mr.Njeshu Godlove Nfor - Industrial Maintenance Engineer , PAMOL Plantations PLC ,P.O Box 3 Ekondo Titi S.W.R; CAMEROON

"Thank you once again for the valuable material you've sent to me. I'm finding the manual on preventive maintenance in palm oil mill very useful"

En.Mohd.Ramli - Pahang , Malaysia

Congratulation to One AIM Synergy with the Preventive Maintenance Manual , this manual should be implement for all Palm Oil Company ............"

Our Office :

One AIM Synergy Solution
Lot 3a Tingkat Satu , Jalan Sulaman
88450 Kota Kinabalu .

About the Author :
Abu Naim
Certify Steam Engineer , Experience in POM , Power Plant Operation


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